Cordelia Wong

653 Litton Court (408) 513-2159 x6032
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Career Objective: Senior Level Unix System Administration
Education: M.S. Cybernetic Systems program (Computer Science), California State University, San Jose, B.A. Psychology, University of California, Berkeley.
Work Experience: Over 20 years of experience with more than 13 years in UNIX system administration, and 7+ years in CAD support and software development.
Postini, Inc., Redwood City, CA (2/00 - Present)
Sr. Operations Engineer. Provided UNIX system administration support for Postini's site operations colocated at Exodus. Installed all Solaris servers used at Postini, including development, test, and production clusters. Solely responsible for installation, configuration, and maintenance of Veritas VxFS filesystems, VxVM Volume Manager, NetBackup, and FlashBackup. Installed and configured Sun A1000 and EMC Symmetrix RAID mass storage systems. Set up and maintained Jumpstart server for installing Solaris hardware. Performed vendor management for quotes, hardware and software support contracts, and software licenses.

Ebay, San Jose, CA (3/99 - 1/00)
Sr. System Administration Contractor. Provided full-time UNIX system administration support for Ebay's site operation. Installed servers for credit card authorization, search, and listing applications as well as other database applications. Provided support for Sun servers co-located at Exodus, hardware includes Ultra 10's, E450's, E4000's, E6500's and E10000's.

National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA (8/96 - 2/99)
System Administration Contractor. Provided full-time UNIX system administration support for Santa Clara IS group. Responsible for Sun servers and workstations for Factory Automation, Engineering Analysis and Document Control. Provided support in system installation and upgrade, user support, software installation and day-to-day operation. Designed and set up High Availability systems on Sun Ultra 2 servers for Factory Automation.

Sun Microsystems, Inc., Mt. View, CA (7/93 - 8/96)
System Support Engineer. Provided post-sales support for customers in the Silicon Valley office, including phone and on-site support.

Lab Manager. Provided hardware and software support for labs in the 3-D Graphics Group in SunSoft. Co-ordinated move from Bldg. 10 to Bldg. 18, set up labs in new building. Performed system administration tasks for all lab servers and workstations.

Technical Support Engineer. Escalation group, provided phone support for customers on problems escalated by front-line support engineers in System and Network Administration issues and interfaced with CTE on bugs and patches.

Technical Support Contractor. Full-time technical support position in SYSNA group in North American Solutions Center. Provided phone support for system and network administration problems from customers with soft- ware support contracts.

Expert Support, Inc., Mt. View, CA (4/93 - 7/93)
System Administration Contractor. Sub-contracted for part-time system administration support at Tencor Corp. in Mt. View and Aurora Inc. in Menlo Park. Provided routine system administration and trouble-shooting on an as-needed basis.

Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA (6/91 - 4/93)
System Administration Contractor. Full-time system administration support for Reliability and Service Tools department. Responsible for a network of over 150 Sun SPARC workstations and 6 file servers. Tasks include system installation and upgrade, user support, softare installation and system maintenance. Set up procedures for workstation installation. Set up Domain Name server for network.

Informix Software, Menlo Park, CA
Senior Unix System Administrator for MIS department. Responsible for a network of over 150 Sun 3 and SPARC workstations and file servers. In charge of system installation and upgrades, system operation, provide support to over 400 users and act as liaison to R&D . Also provided technical support to system administrators in the field offices. Headed a project to upgrade all the workstations to SunOS 4.1.1, responsible for both planning and implementation.

National Semiconductor Corporation, Santa Clara, CA
Senior System Administrator for Corporate CAD department. In charge of a network of over 80 Sun 3 and Sun 4 workstations and file servers. Duties included software installation and updates, system operation, network maintenance and user support. Responsible for system administration subscription service to support other departments' system administration needs. Also involved in providing technical consultation for Sun system administrators throughout the company. Major accomplishments included total upgrade of all the systems from SunOS 3.5 to SunOS 4.0.3 and a significant increase in system up-time.

Athena Systems, Sunnyvale, CA
Sun System Administrator. Responsible for the operation of a network of over 40 Sun 3 workstations and several VAX workstations. Duties included the purchase and installation of the workstations, software installation and updates, system operation, network maintenance and user support.

Gould AMI Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA
CAD Software Specialist. Responsible for the planning and setting up of a CAD center for the Standard Products Group. Participated in the installation of the Gould 9080 computer system. Responsible for the system administration functions of the Gould computer as well as 3 VIA workstations. Evaluated and benchmarked CAD software packages and was responsible for supporting Dracula software on the Gould computer.

Tristar Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA
CAD Staff Software Engineer. Responsible for setting up in-house CAD center. Involved in evaluation and purchase of design layout system, engineering workstations, and computer system for circuit simulation, design verification, etc. Involved in laying out and building of computer room and design area. Evaluated IC design software packages for in-house use. Participated in the installation of the VAX 11/780 and was the System Manager for it.

Atari, Sunnyvale, CA
Software Staff Engineer for Semiconductor Group. System Manager for the VAX 11/780 and Daisy workstations in the Logic Design group. Participated in the installation of the VAX and the workstations. Provided support for users on these systems, installed software updates, and wrote utility software for these systems. Also responsible for supporting the CAD software packages installed on the VAX, as well as interfaced between vendors and engineers who were users of the software. Involved in the evaluation of new software packages for logic simulation, and automatic placement and routing. Also evaluated additional hardware for the VAX, e.g. color graphic terminals, VT- 100 compatible terminals, add-on disk drives. Participated in the in-house Standard Cell development project.

Eaton Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA
Senior Software Systems Engineer for Wafer Systems Division. Responsible for the design and development of a host communication package for the 8085 microprocessor-controlled LSI-45 track equipment manufactured by Eaton for wafer fabrication.

System Manager. Responsible for the HP 1000 computer used for software development.

National Semiconductor Corporation, Santa Clara, CA
Senior Software Systems Programmer for Systems Division. Responsible for integration of Datachecker supermarket system onto new processor and new operating system, including development and implementation of bootup ROM, bootstrap, system start-up and interrupt handling. Participated in maintenance of existing software, namely the communications package.

Computervision Corporation, Santa Clara, CA
Software Engineer for Cobilt Division. Responsible for software development and maintenance of 8085 microprocessor based Micronet process control systems for wafer fabrication and inspection. Developed production test programs. Programming was in Intel 8085 assembly language.

Senior Programmer for Productivity Systems (CADAM) Division. Responsible for software development of CADDS-II interactive graphics system for IC design. Participated in the development and implementation of new operating system, including total rewrite of a linking loader and integration of existing software onto new operating system. Other projects included design and development of Floating Point Software Emulator, Design Rules Checker package, utility programs, and conversion programs between old and new data bases. Programming was in assembly language for Data General Nova 1200 minicomputer.

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Programmer/Research Assistant in Computing Center. Involved in Chinese-English and English-Chinese computer translation. Responsibilities included system design, programming and documentation. Programming was in FORTRAN on an ICL computer.

Consulting work involving Unix system administration support for a small start-up company.

Veritas Cluster and Volume Manager class.
Solstice HA System Administration class.
Volume Manager with SPARCstorage Array class.
Sun Solaris 1.x to Solaris 2.x Transition class.
Solaris 2.x System Administration class II.
Solaris Network Administration class.
NIS+ Administration class.
Solaris Server Administration class.
Sun Advanced System Administration class.
VAX VMS System Manager class.
UNIX System Manager class.